Reflective Practice – A Healthy Habit

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It’s as though Mother Nature has sent us to our rooms
to think over a few things.
Col Hughes shared this cartoon by Michael Leunig as a reflection to commence the Board meeting last Tuesday evening and I thought it was too good not to share! As one of the great secular theologians of our time, Leunig reminds us of the importance of reflective practice, the need to set aside spaces in our lives for the subconscious and the conscious minds to do their work of processing and integrating our diverse life experiences.

Perhaps this period of isolation is a gift that will enable us to embed such spaces into our lives so that when the new normal emerges they will be permanent fixtures amidst the growing busyness. Reflective practice takes many forms – meditation, midfulness, writing, drawing, colouring, walking, sitting, reading, spiritual direction, music, motorcycling (my personal favourite!), and more … Reflective practice informs our action: reflecting on past and present experiences – asking ourselves how we reacted, whether we achieved the desired outcome, what impact our action had on others, what we might do differently – empowers us to change the way we react or respond to the circumstances life throws at us. This was highlighted recently in the conversation between Merryl Blair and Robyn Bousie on Sunday May 3 when they spoke about the ability to step back and take stock of what is going on around them.

There are many opportunities for reflective practice in the life of The Avenue & Hartwell – Connect, Taize, SoulSpace, Spiritual Direction, resources on our website ( – and there are many other accessible resources to support your reflective practice (try apps like Insight TimerSmiling MindLet’s MeditateRelax). I encourage you to take the opportunity provided by the pandemic isolation to engage in reflective practice. Feel free to talk with any of the ministers about this – we’d love to assist you develop this healthy habit!

David Brooker.

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