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One of my Hindu friends posted this Breath Prayer in his Facebook page this week. I invite you to make use of it. Find a comfortable place and position, begin by taking three deep breaths, and then allow your breathing to settle into a gentle, unforced rhythm. As you continue to breathe, read The Breath Prayer, saying the first part of each line on the inhale and the last part of each line on the exhale. Repeat as often as you need!
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Serendipitous moments are those moments or experiences that take you by surprise and offer unexpected delight. They happen regularly if we are open to receive them, but – by their very nature – they happen when we least expect them! I had a serendipitous moment on one of my recent morning walks with our dog, Obi. As if out of nowhere, a little village had appeared under a tree by the banks of the Patterson River. Spoonville it is called, and it has been created by children (and possibly playful adults) as a rather diverse and growing collection of ‘spoon people’, making for a colourful and invitational display of Carrum community and creativity.

Beyond the physical display it also stands as delightful evidence of the fundamental goodwill that is at the heart of human society. It is an encouragement, in the midst of challenging times, to hold to the hope that our human community can rise above the petty self-interest that is the temptation of COVID-induced fear, and create a global village in which every person is valued and treated with respectThat movement, that kindness, so often starts with children! Let’s join them, shall we!

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