About The Avenue

The Avenue Church of Christ is an active and accepting community of faith located in the leafy eastern suburb of Surrey Hills, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  We’re on a journey of discovery – seeking to promote community harmony, personal wellbeing and a broad, inclusive spirituality.

The Avenue Church of Christ is a progressive faith community where:

  • Spirituality Matters
  • Community Matters
  • People Matter
  • Life Matters

We aspire in our church life and program to:

  • Present a model of progressive Christian faith, centred around values of creativity, hospitality, compassion and grace.
  • Generously serve the community, meeting human needs and addressing injustice.
  • Create an inclusive and open community, where diversity is affirmed, encouraged and celebrated. This will include diversity of faith tradition, age, sexual preference, gender, theology and politics.
  • Support people in their pursuit of a healthy, constructive lifestyle by offering resources for their spiritual, intellectual, physical and social development. ​

The Avenue Church of Christ is pleased to make its facility available to community-based organisations who provide a diverse range of services, activities, courses and events that strengthen the fabric of the community and enrich the lives of people. These include groups for painting, pilates, yoga, dance, and more.  We celebrate the diverse and energetic mix of people who call our facility home: it is a multicultural, multifaith, multi-talented, intergenerational, and intentionally inclusive community, and we are committed to resourcing it so that all people can be empowered to live life to the full.

We maintain an affiliation with Churches of Christ in Victoria & Tasmania to facilitate access to an even more diverse resource base, to share with other like-minded groups in the development of communities of hope and compassion, and to ensure appropriate and rigorous accountability for our use of resources – human and material.