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The Frustration of Human Absurdity

I woke this morning with a feeling of frustration niggling at the back of my mind. Despite the relaxation of some COVID restrictions that were announced yesterday, I realised that my Monday would be little different to the past months of Mondays – I’m not a golfer, I can’t go riding my motorbike just for […]

On Gratitude

We think people are grateful because they are happy.  But look closely and you’ll find that people are happy because they are grateful.  [David Steindl-Rast] I well remember learning in my childhood how important it was to say, ‘thank you’.  I suspect everyone has a similar memory!  When I was a kid, the old ladies at church always seemed […]

Wounding Words and Healing Words

Yet again I find my thoughts stimulated by the writing of Diana Butler Bass. The title of this piece is hers, from a reflection she wrote last week in response to the first Presidential debate. Here’s an excerpt: … words are a powerful weapon. They cut the heart. They silence opponents. They force others to submit. […]

Solving the Problems of the World!

[An edited transcript of the reflection from HeartWell Online, 27th September 2020] Red sky at night, shepherd’s delightRed sky in the morning, sailor’s warning. Do you recall that old adage?  I remember hearing it and repeating as a young boy.  But I had no idea just how old the saying was, and I certainly had no idea that […]

Shaping Peace Together

[Marking the International Day of Peace, 21st September 2020] We live in an incredibly noisy world!  From the noise of traffic on the highway to the piped music in our shopping centres; from the loud bass beat of car audio systems to the voices of children in the playground; from the noise of heavy machinery in industry […]